Children’s Book Events / Book Signings / Workshops

I love doing events to show kids what I do! I gear my presentations according to each particular age group. I usually read a few of my books, discuss topics I think kids (and teachers) would enjoy, then open it up for questions.

Some topics might include:

  • What I did as a kid (art/writing samples).
  • My process (sketches/manuscripts/dummies and final art).
  • How I get my ideas.
  • What is inspiration?
  • What do you need to tell a story?
  • How can kids create their own stories.

I am available to do art projects with the kids. I have many workshop ideas to choose from. Feel free to email me if you’d like to see a complete list of ideas and various craft projects that would tie into my books.

I am also available to sign books at the end of the presentation. For further questions or information feel free to contact me at:

Illustration events
I have lectured at American Greetings and conferences related to children’s books. If you are interested in having me come lecture or a power point presentation feel free to contact me at

Check out the “events” section to see some specific “book events”.
Also, check out my blog to see sketchbook stuff and works in progress.


All images © Maria Carluccio